Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet?

Before you begin to treat your home, you should first perform a visual inspection to identify the location of bedbugs. Look closely at the areas you taped off earlier and pay special attention to cracks in the walls and gaps between baseboard and wall. Try to eliminate the bedbugs from these areas before treating your carpet.

Bedbugs can’t fly or jump, so they must move through the carpet by crawling. It’s possible to slow them down by making your carpet too thick. However, you must remember that bedbugs are not limited to your bedroom. They can infest your couch or office chair as well.

In addition to living in carpets, bedbugs lay their eggs in other areas of the home. They usually lay their eggs on mattresses, bed frames, and fabric. Although they prefer smooth, soft surfaces, they’ll also lay their eggs on your carpet if you make it their home. They also lay their eggs on the walls.

If you have hard-surface floors, you should consider getting a washable rug instead of carpeting. If you do have carpeting, choose densely woven carpet to keep bedbugs from getting between the fibers. Additionally, it’s vital to vacuum the carpet regularly with a HEPA filtered vacuum.

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