Can Bed Bugs Bite Dogs?

Most pet owners will say no when they ask the question, “Can bed bugs bite dogs?” But there are cases when the answer is “yes!” Bed bugs are known to bite dogs and cats, even those who wear collars and take routine flea and tick baths. While flea and tick control is important, it won’t have much effect on these pests. Bed bugs prefer to feed during the night, when people and pets aren’t active. They typically feed at least three times each night, and each feeding period is about five minutes long.

Bed bugs are mostly attracted to human hosts, but they can bite dogs, too. Dogs’ skin and fur is often exposed, making it easier for these pests to find vulnerable spots to feed. Dogs with short or thin hair, and especially those with little hair in certain areas, are more susceptible to getting bitten by these pests. However, dogs with thick coats won’t likely get any bites. If you suspect that your dog has bed bugs, you should consult a veterinarian.

Dogs do not have the ability to attach themselves to a host, so the most common method of detecting these pests is through body hair. The reason behind this is that bed bugs are not attracted to hair or fur and need a host that is still, so that they can feed.

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