Will Ants Hurt My Plants?

Despite their reputation, ants are not actually harmful to plants. Besides being good for soil, ants can help protect plants against predators and pests. But if the numbers of ants in your garden are too large, they can cause problems.

If you have noticed ants in your garden, you should take action. If they are attacking your plants, you may need to get rid of them. You can find ant poison in most garden centers. Some sprays and baits contain boric acid, which is a powerful insecticide.

To rid your plants of ants, you can either make your own ant spray or buy an ant trap. If you’re using a trap, you should place it around the base of your plant. The sticky surface will trap ants and keep them from climbing up your plant. You can also put sticky barriers around plants that are vulnerable to ants. You should check these every week or two.

If you’re worried about spraying your plant, you can also buy an organic horticultural oil spray. These products contain boric acid, avermectin B, and fipronil, which are effective pesticides. These pesticides are safe for organic gardens. You should follow the package’s instructions to dilute the product. You can spray the solution on the base of the plant and the soil around the plant.

You can also get rid of ants in your garden by using organic sticky solutions. These include fruit tree grease bands, barrier glues, and tree wraps.