Why Do I Have Ants in My House?

Depending on the species, ants are beneficial outdoor insects. However, they can also become a nuisance inside your home. This is especially true if they find a reliable water source.

Ants will usually find their way into your home through a gap in your foundation. However, they can also enter through poorly sealed doors, windows, and cracks in your walls.

If you are experiencing ant problems, it is a good idea to check your windows, sinks, and toilets for leaks. Sealing these cracks is a simple way to prevent ants from entering your home.

Other places where ants may be found include inside the floor, underneath flooring, and inside the cabinetry. Ants can also hide in piles of debris or in places where there is no food available.

Ants will generally find their way into your home to seek food. However, they may also come in search of water. If they find water, they may decide to stay indoors. Ants will create a chemical trail that will lead them to their food source.

Once they have found food, the ant will collect it and take it back to the colony. The ant then will send out a scent signature to other ants.

The most common ant nesting areas are basements and kitchens. However, ants can also hide in places like the attic, under floorboards, or even in your bathroom. If you are experiencing ant problems, you should contact your local university extension service for more information.