Why Do Ants Like Ant Farms?

Using an ant farm is easy, but it does require some attention. You need to provide a constant source of food, water, and a comfortable environment for your ants. If you don’t, your ant colony will die.

Ants can be very interesting to watch. They shepherd bug flocks to plants, and protect aphids from predators. Their colonies are also very well preserved, and this allows them to live for a long time. Some queens can live for up to fifteen years.

They also like to eat honeydew. The darker honeydew has a stronger taste than the honey. It’s best to feed your ants liquid sugar, but they can also be fed in different forms. You can also feed them maple syrup, food crumbs, or dead insects.

Besides feeding them, you can also help them to survive by keeping them away from other ants. They are also good thermoregulators. They can control the temperature inside their nests. They can keep the temperature to a consistent level and keep the eggs safe for winter.

Keeping them in an ant farm also gives them a place to keep their aphid eggs. These are protected from predators, and the ants carry the eggs when they move to a new nest.

You can also make a water source for your ants. You can use a cotton ball, or you can put a water filled tube under one side of the nest. You can also cover the tank with screens or fine netting.