Why Black Ants in House Are Scary

Having black ants in your house can be scary. However, you should not panic. These tiny insects are just looking for food. Using a professional ant control company is the best way to get rid of black ants.

There are several different types of ants that you can find in your home. One type is the western black carpenter ant. This species can be found in the United States and is nocturnal. These insects do not eat wood, but instead will forage for sap, fruits, and dead insects. They may also eat pet food stored in poorly sealed containers.

Another type of ant is the small odorous house ant. These insects are commonly found in the kitchen, basement, and bathroom. They tend to enter homes in search of moisture and food. During the colder months, indoor ants are less likely to be found.

These ants are not a health hazard. However, they can damage your home’s wooden foundation. They also leave pheromone trails that help other ants find food. You can avoid having ants in your home by sealing any gaps in your walls, doors, and windows.

If you’re trying to get rid of black ants, it’s important to clean your home thoroughly. This will make it harder for ants to follow their chemical trails. Wipe down surfaces with vinegar or bleach. You can also spray a DIY ant repellent. You can also get rid of ants by using tea tree oil.