When Do Flying Ants Come Home?

During certain seasons, a number of flying ants are seen swarming in large numbers. This is a sign that a colony of ants is infesting a specific area. It is important to keep an eye out for ants and to get rid of them.

The number of ants in a swarm can range from one to thousands. A swarm is made up of female ants that are searching for a new nesting site. Some female ants will mate multiple times while in the process of “nuptial flight”.

Flying ants are a common pest in the United States. They are often confused with termites. However, they are different in several ways. First, termites have two wings on each side of the body. They are also much larger than ants. These wings are used for strength while laying eggs.

In order to swarm, the ants must have a warm temperature, high humidity, low wind, and the ability to leave the nest. They will then create mating aggregations around structures such as trees, trucks, and towers.

A colony of ants will also break off if there is heavy rain, high humidity, or moisture. If the colony breaks off, the queen will search for a new nesting site. When she finds a suitable one, she will begin work to start a new colony.

A number of species of flying ants are aggressive. They can invade your home, chew through wood, and even cause damage to your property. If you find yourself dealing with these insects, you should consult a pest management professional.