When Ants Get Wings

During the flying ant season, you will see many winged ants flying around. They are reproductive ants that are looking for mates. Some ant species fly around other times of the year. They are not genetic mutants and do not cause harm to humans.

These ants can be found in the home, on trees, in flower beds, and other places. They feed on seeds, food debris, and other insects. The females will lay eggs on human property.

A common way to identify flying ants is to check for black, brown, or red bodies. They also have elbowed antennae and small hind wings. They are often mistaken for termites. The thorax is constricted at the waist, giving them a skinny body.

When you see winged ants, they are generally males. They may be alates or queens. When the queen lays eggs, she uses the wings to strengthen her muscles. She will eventually lose them and never fly again.

When the ants are flying, they will often come close to human property. They are often attracted to lights at night. They are also good food for hungry birds. These ants may be causing a problem.

Flying ants can be scary to see. They are often mistaken for termites, but they are not dangerous. If you find flying ants in your home, they can be vacuumed up or you can call a professional to handle the problem.

These ants have wings to help them find a new home. They can also help protect the colony from predators. They may also be the cause of a new infestation.