What to Put For Ants to Go Away

Keeping your house clean is a great way to get rid of ants. This will ensure the safety of your family. Also, removing food from the house will help eliminate many pests.

If you have a ant problem, you may want to consider hiring a pest control company. If you do not have money to hire a professional, there are some natural remedies that you can use to get rid of ants.

Boric acid is one natural remedy to get rid of ants. This substance will erode the ants’ outer shells and stomachs. It should be used with caution around children, pets, and in areas where you may be growing food.

Peppermint essential oil is another natural remedy for ants. This substance is also non-toxic and can be used as a repellent. You can apply it to your windows, baseboards, and cabinets. You can also plant peppermint around the perimeter of your home.

A lemon juice solution can also be used as an ant deterrent. You can also sprinkle powdered citrus peels in areas where ants are known to enter your home.

Another natural repellent is cayenne pepper. This substance can be mixed with water and sprayed around the home. You can also put it on a cotton ball and place it in places where ants tend to congregate.

You can also sprinkle coffee grounds on windowsills. However, coffee grounds may lose their potency. You can also buy tea tree oil. This is a natural insect repellent and can be purchased online or at a grocery store.