What to Kill Fire Ants

Whether you’re a farmer, homeowner, or small business owner, you know fire ants can be a huge problem. They’re not only bad for your lawn, but they’re also a pest for many agricultural commodities. Thankfully, there are several methods you can use to control the infestation.

One method is to use hot water. When poured on the mound, the temperature of the water will kill the ants. However, the water will also kill the plants and grass around the mound.

Another method involves using liquid pesticides. These are highly concentrated, and they’re able to penetrate deep into the ant pile, killing them on contact. They may be more effective than using boiling water.

You can also use club soda, which suffocates the ants. You can also clean your tiles with a vinegar and water solution. This will deter the ants from entering your house, and the smell will disappear after it’s dried.

Another method is to use diatomaceous earth. This substance is a white powder that kills any ants that come in contact with it.

You can use this substance to kill fire ants, and it’s safe. However, the treatment is not as effective as other mound treatments. It’s also not likely to reach the queen.

You can also use granules. These are safer than pouring liquid pesticides on the nest. However, they’re not as effective as liquid pesticides.

If you’re not comfortable using liquid pesticides or granules, you can use contact insecticides instead. These come in different forms, and they kill ants in minutes.