What Happens If Ants Don’t Have a Queen?

Whether or not your ant colony has a queen is not the only thing that will make your anthill survive. The queen ant’s role in your ant colony is to lay eggs and create a colony. If the queen ant dies, your colony will die. But if there are multiple queens, your colony may live for a while.

The queen ant may be the center of your colony, but it’s the worker ants who keep her clean and keep your colony fed. The queen is only capable of laying fertile eggs. The workers lay sterile eggs.

The queen ant can lay hundreds to thousands of eggs a day. These eggs have large wings. They also have large thorax shaped bodies. Queens need extra muscle to power their wings.

They also break their wings off while mating. Some species rip off their wings with legs while others chew them off.

The queen ant is also responsible for creating the first generation of offspring. These offspring are the workers of the future. They will carry on the duties of the colony when the queen is no longer around. They will also find the best place to nest and start a new colony.

Queen ants have a very long life. They have been known to live for over ten years. They are larger than most other ants in the colony. This makes them a powerful force in the colony. They also lay the largest eggs, which can be the size of a baseball.