What Ants Are Native to Texas?

Texans are lucky enough to have a wide variety of ants. They are in search of food, shelter, water and more. Some of them are even dangerous. Some can sting, bite and cause allergic reactions. While others are not a problem.

In Texas, there are over 250 species of ants. They vary in size, color and even behavior. The easiest way to distinguish them is to look at their abdomen. Some are reddish or brown and others are pale. Some can be aggressive, while others are not.

The Bicolored Pennant Ant is an ant that can be found in Texas. These ants have a light brown color on their abdomen and a reddish color on their head. They are a bit larger than the average ant and are often found on dead wood.

The Texas Leaf-Cutting Ant (Ata texana) is a species of ants that makes a nest in lawns and gardens. They also eat fungus and plant nectar. These ants are also known for building hills in lawns.

Another ant that is common in Texas is the Pallid Twig Ant. These ants are known for feeding on plant nectar and insects. The thorax of these ants is shiny and they do not have hair. They are also winged. These ants usually build small nests of about 200 ants.

The Chestnut Carpenter Ant is also found in Texas. These ants are diurnal and nocturnal. They build their nests in dead wood and other decaying structures. They are also known for nesting in fences, stumps, and wood in homes.