What Ants Are Black?

Whether you’re wondering what ants are black or if you have a problem with them, the fact is that ants come in all shapes and sizes. These little insects are commonly found in homes, but they aren’t dangerous. You can find them in the kitchen, bathroom, or even in your backyard.

There are close to 1,000 different ant species in the United States. The most common ant species you may see are little black ants and carpenter ants. These ants have a stinger, but they aren’t dangerous. They also come in many different colors, from black to brown, red, and tan.

You might also see a bumblebee, which is a black insect with yellow stripes. These insects are usually found on flowering plants. You can see a swarm of little black ants in June and August. These ants are often attracted to sweets, so they may invade your home in search of food. They leave pheromone trails.

Another ant species, the red and black carpenter ant, is uniformly dark brown in color. This ant species lives in colonies, with a queen and workers. They are about half an inch long and have fine hairs on the abdomen. They also have wings, although most of them are wingless.

Carpenter ants are larger than common household ants. They have a heart-shaped head and large jaws. They also have elbowed antennae and a constricted waist.

Black carpenter ants are usually wingless. Their nests are made of decaying wood, with wood with a moisture content of at least 15%. They also tend to nest in cavities or landscape timbers.