How to Use Cucumbers As a Natural Ant Repellent

Using cucumbers as a natural ant repellent is a great way to reduce minor pest problems. They are also inexpensive and easy to grow.

Aside from being a natural ant repellent, cucumbers also help you prevent other pests from entering your home. If you are worried about ants, consider placing cucumbers on the kitchen counter or window sill. They will cover the ant odor and deter ants from coming back.

The skin of cucumbers gives off a scent that ants do not like. This scent confuses the ants and they will turn away from the cucumber.

The peel of a citrus fruit also deters insects and ants. To use this method, sprinkle the peels around the ant problem area. Another way to deter ants is to sprinkle chalk powder at the ant entry points. This chalk will disrupt their scent trails and discourage them from entering your home.

If you have an outdoor ant problem, you can also spray your cucumbers with white vinegar. The chemicals in cucumber peels act as a natural ant repellent. They are also toxic to the fungi that ants are attracted to.

If you are worried about other insects, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder around the cucumber plant. This will act as a natural fungicide and deter other insects from entering your garden.

You can also use lemon juice or vinegar to spray your cucumber plant. This will also kill ants on the cucumber plant.