How Do Ants Make Noise?

Several species of ants produce stridulation, a squeaking noise, when they are moving. The sound is caused by two surfaces rubbing against each other. These sounds can be heard when the ants are held close. They also are used to signal social status.

Researchers are now trying to learn how ants make noise. One group is studying contact microphones. Another is trying to make a tiny sound source to be used by ants.

Researchers have found that ants can hear vibrations in the ground. They also can hear sound vibrations that are emitted through substrates. They can also hear sounds emanating from other insects. However, they cannot hear airborne sounds. The ants are not able to hear sounds that travel at a slow speed.

A group of researchers from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Wallingford, UK, have studied ants’ sounds. They found that they produce a high-pitched rasping sound called stridulation. The sound is made when the ant’s abdominal area and legs rub against each other.

This is similar to the way a thumbnail rubs against the teeth on a comb. The ants’ sounds are complex and contain information about an individual. They can also be used to bring help to the ants.

They are a group of ants from Asia and Europe. They are primarily found in peat bogs. They are about 4 to 5 millimeters long. The Myrmica genus contains about 200 species.

The ants’ sounds contain complex information, but they haven’t been decoded yet.