How to Remove Ants From Your Garden

Besides providing the essential role of pollination, ants also play an important role in garden ecosystems. In fact, some ants are actually beneficial to the garden. They help to control other insects and reduce the number of smaller pests. Besides, ants can help the growth of honeydew, a sticky substance that aphids produce.

Some people prefer to have ant-free gardens. But the truth is that ants are an important part of the garden ecosystem, and they can also be harmful. Moreover, ants have been around for hundreds of millions of years. This fact makes them highly resilient. They can even survive extinction events.

Among the types of ants, farm ants are known for their sting. Besides, they are also known for damaging property. This is why they are often seen in large numbers. If you notice them in your garden, you might consider removing them.

One of the most effective methods for removing ants is insecticidal soap. You can prepare a solution with a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a pint of warm water. After that, you can sprinkle it around the garden.

Another method is to use borax. This compound is found in household products such as soap and toothpaste. It is extremely toxic to ants when ingested. So, you should use caution when using it.

Another effective method is to use insecticides. There are several kinds of insecticides that can be used to remove ants. You should check the label carefully before using them.