How to Make Ants on a Log Without Celery

Traditionally, ants on a log is made by spreading peanut butter on celery. However, there are plenty of other options for spreading on the veggie. Other popular options include hummus, ricotta cheese, and cream cheese.

One way to make ants on a log without celery is by spreading hummus or another nut butter onto the veggie. To spread, spread the nut butter onto 3 pieces of celery. Then, top with raisins or other toppings.

Another option is to make snails by cutting apple slices into a snail back and filling with peanut butter. You can make eyes with candy or press them into the peanut butter. These snails are cute and yummy!

Another fun way to enjoy celery with peanut butter is to make caterpillars. You can fill celery stalks with peanut butter and use grapes, grape tomatoes, or other fruits. You can also add garlic powder, salt, or fresh herbs for a savory filling.

If you have older kids, you can make ants on a log without celery by adding raisins, chocolate chips, or other toppings. You can also sprinkle the peanut butter with seeds for a fun texture. These can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Ants on a Log can be a quick and easy snack for kids and adults. It is also a tasty snack that is packed with nutrition. It is a perfect after-school snack and picnic food. Try making this healthy snack recipe today!