How to Know When Flying Ants Swarm

During the mating season, flying ants often swarm to form a new colony. They can sting if they are attacked, but they are not as dangerous as typical ants.

They are social insects, and they form a colony with a queen. The males mate with the queen. After the mating ritual, the males die. The queen then begins working on the colony.

Depending on the species, they may swarm in a variety of ways. They can form a mob of angry red fire ants or they may be non-combative pavement ants. If you notice a swarm, you should mark the entry points and seal them. If you want to eliminate them, you can vacuum up the ants, or you can treat them with insecticide. Alternatively, you can use sticky tape traps. These traps can be made with honey, duct tape, or sugar.

They are often attracted to light. This can also help to identify the colony. In addition, they use smell to communicate. If you smell a strong odor, you should call a professional. The scent is used to attract workers and females.

They can be very annoying, and they may invade your personal space. You should know when you see a swarm of flying ants, so you can act quickly.

You may also want to consider hiring a professional exterminator. An exterminator will be able to locate the nest and eliminate the ants. This treatment will be safe for your pets and children.