How Strong is Ant Man?

Despite his silly name and silliness, Ant-Man is actually one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, Ant-Man is able to lift loads that are several times his own weight. In fact, Ant-Man has been known to lift objects up to 100 tons!

Ant-Man’s strength comes from the Pym Particles. The particles penetrate Ant-Man’s skin and interact with the electrical impulses in his brain. This gives Ant-Man and Wasp superhuman powers. The particles create an organism-wide “producing field” that is energized by mental command.

Ant-Man has also been known to harness his strength from another dimension. This ability enables Ant-Man to travel through space and time. This power can give Ant-Man the ability to destroy his enemies.

Ant-Man has also been known for his ability to shrink himself to ant size. This is possible because he can retain his strength in the shrinking process. He can also command an army of worker ants to aid him in his missions.

Ant-Man can also be aided by a cybernetic helmet. This helmet provides him with an electrical charge that can be used offensively or defensively. It also provides him with breathable air in harsh conditions.

Ant-Man also has a suit that gives him the ability to fly. It also protects him from extreme temperatures and sharp objects. He also has a special helmet that he wears that provides sound amplification. This helmet helps him broadcast to a range of one mile.