How Strong Are Chimera Ants?

Compared to the average Hunter, Chimera Ants are very powerful creatures. They are capable of breaking their own body into several segments, and can carry over 100 times their weight. Their muscles are so strong that they can even lift cars that weigh up to 2000 pounds.

Chimera Ants are one of the most dangerous species in the world. Their unique traits stem from Phagogensis, an ability to pass on the traits of ingested creatures. They can also evolve into much stronger versions of themselves by devouring other species. Their king, Meruem, is the strongest of the Chimera Ants.

The Chimera Ants have several unique traits, including their ability to rip leaves off trees and eat them. They are also powerful conjurers, and can create weapons out of their aura. They can be teleported into parallel dimensions, and can take their opponents into a parallel universe.

Their Royal Guards are also very powerful. Their intelligence is comparable to that of the best humans. They are capable of recognizing their opponent’s emotions, and can read their body language.

Another Chimera Ant who is very powerful is Welfin. He is a conjurer and a member of the Squadron Leader’s team. He is very smart, and has a strong sense of hearing. He is also very ambitious. He wishes to become better among the Royal Guards. He can listen in on phone calls, and adapt his plans to changing conditions. He is also very cautious.