How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Ants in the House?

Getting rid of ants is a problem that many people face. There are different approaches and treatments available for different ant species. However, they all involve chemicals.

The cost to get rid of ants depends on the type of ant, the size of the home, and the number of treatments needed. Some pest professionals charge by the square foot.

If you have a small home, a one-time visit to get rid of ants can cost from $150 to $300. However, if you have a large home, the cost of treatment can range from $500 to $1300.

Typically, professional exterminators use a combination of gels and baits to get rid of ants. These baits are made of poison and are placed in places where ants are likely to visit. They can be placed out of reach of children and pets.

The cost of ant baits varies from $6 to $12 per four-pack. These baits can be bought at home improvement stores or hardware stores. These baits are not as effective as professional grade products.

There are two main types of ant control products: chemical sprays and poisoned baits. Chemical sprays are available as liquids and granules. These insecticides should be used outdoors only. If you are using granules, you should water them to activate them.

If you are using poisoned baits, the cost can be as high as $300. It can take a week for poisoned baits to work. This means you may have to repeat the procedure.