How Long Do Ants Live in a House?

Depending on the species, ants can live anywhere from a few months to several years. The duration of an ant’s life is largely dependent on the caste and the role it plays in the colony.

The life of an ant isn’t easy. They need to feed their larvae, protect themselves from predators, and find food. Workers are required to keep the colony going, and ants can be killed if they don’t fulfill their duties. In a colony, the worker ants forage for food to feed the queen, and they also maintain the colony.

They also help promote soil aeration. Typically, ants have no lungs, and their bodies breathe through tiny holes in their exoskeletons. Depending on the species, ants may eat meat scraps in garbage, or they may eat carbohydrates or honeydew. They are also important for decomposing organic matter.

Interestingly, ants also have the ability to spin cocoons for protection. They may also help to deter other insects, birds, and reptiles. Ultimately, how long do ants live in your house depends on how you can control the population.

Fortunately, they are usually harmless. They live in colonies and are very resilient. But, you might want to call a professional for help if they become a problem. A single ant can easily encroach on your house and it could take years before the infestation is cleared up.

While ants are a nuisance, they can also help to promote healthy plant growth. They may eat plant matter, fats, or other insects.