How Long Do Ants Live?

Depending on their role in the colony, ants can live for a long time. The average lifespan of an ant is around two to fifteen years.

Ants live in colonies and need other ants to survive. A colony is usually made up of a queen ant and several worker ants. The queen ant is responsible for raising all the other ants in the colony. Once the queen dies, the colony dies as well.

A queen ant may live for several decades, but a worker ant can only live for a few years. Ants live a very dangerous life. They can be very harmful to humans, pets and children.

A queen ant has a lifespan of 10 to 30 years, depending on the species. In some species, the queen only lives for two years.

When the temperature drops, ants will seek shelter in a warm place. They will dig into the soil and under rocks and other objects to stay warm. They will also build underground chambers for eggs and food. They will also seek out meat and starches like bread.

A queen ant can only die if a worker ant kills it. If a worker ant dies, other ants will come out of their hiding place and collect the body.

An ant will die of exhaustion after a long period of time. Ants also die when the weather changes. They enter a dormant state when the temperature gets colder. The dead ant releases a pheromone chemical to alert other ants of its death.