How Long Do Ants Last?

Depending on the ant’s species and lifestyle, ants can live from a few days to several years. There are more than 1,000 species of ants in North America. Their lifespan is largely determined by species, environment, and the size of the colony.

Ants can survive without food for a few days, and without water for five days. In the wild, most ants die before they reach the six-month mark. Despite their short lifespan, ants are often kept in captivity. They are rarely able to live up to their full life cycle in captivity, but they can still live for several months.

Queen ants are responsible for spreading the ant population within the colony. The queen usually lives for 15 to 30 years. The queen ants in an ant colony rarely leave their nest. When the queen dies, there are no more ants to reproduce. This means the colony will die.

The lifespan of worker ants is determined by the ant’s social structure and diet. A strong colony will produce a large number of workers. During times of famine, worker ants will eat less. Their diets consist of protein-rich foods like honeydew, extra-floral nectar, and insect parts.

Male ants, on the other hand, only live a few days after mating with a female. They also die after mating with a queen. The life of a male ant depends on many factors. The size of the colony, the size of the male ant, and the environment of the colony all have an effect on the lifespan.