Do Ants Help Open Peonies?

Despite the common myth that ants are essential to peonies, there is no evidence to support this. In fact, ants can be a nuisance. There are ways to remove ants from peonies safely and without harming the flowers.

Peonies are members of a plant family called myrmecophytes. These plants have a special type of nectar that ants love. When they find a peony flower containing this nectar, they emit a pheromone that attracts other ants.

Ants are a natural part of the peony image, but they do not help open the buds. Instead, ants help protect the plants from other insects. They are very useful to the health of the soil.

When the peony bud is ready to bloom, it will secrete a sweet, sticky substance around the sepal. Ants feed on this sticky substance, which helps them protect the peony from insects. Eventually, the sugary substance will be gone, and the ants will disappear.

If you have a peony that is ready to bloom, you can shake the peony or remove the buds. You can also rinse the ants off the peony with water. It is important that you do this before using the peony inside. Rinsing the petals will not damage them.

If you have a peony in your garden, you may be surprised by the number of ants you see in the bloom. Ants are attracted to peony flowers because of the sugary nectar they provide. Using a pesticide may harm the beneficial insects.