How Do Ants Work All the Time?

During their colony life, ants lay eggs. The queen lays larger eggs than the workers. These eggs are fertile. They are treated better. These eggs only have to be fertilized during the summer season.

In order to survive, ants must eat and sleep. They are attracted to foods and clean up debris on the ground. They build underground chambers for food and rest.

They also clean up dead animals. These species of ants are sometimes called field ants. They live in anthills that range in size from tiny to large. Some anthills are so large that they tower many feet in the air.

There are four major demographics of ants. They include worker ants, foragers, drone ants, and walkers. Each demographic has its own specific role. Workers carry food back to the nest, and younger ants care for the queen and the brood. The queen is the only ant that can lay fertile eggs. She is also the mother of all workers.

In the winter months, ants will disappear. They are also known to invade homes at any time. These ants are dangerous to pets and children. They can also bite people.

The queen ant has a longer sleeping cycle, and may sleep as much as nine hours a day. The worker ant sleeps for four hours and 48 minutes a day. The drone ant is usually smaller than the worker. The drone ant is responsible for starting a new colony.