How Do Ants Turn on Each Other?

Unlike humans, ants are small, and most species only have one type of worker. However, specialized ants have a large body, and they differ from other workers in their behavior.

Ants also possess special weapons, and many are designed to attack humans and other animals. These weapons are not effective against mammals, but they can be devastating against other insects.

Some ant species have chemical weapons. These weapons vary according to the chemical used. However, they have independent evolutionary origins.

Some ants even have special soldiers. These soldiers are special ants that are part of a work force that specializes in defense. Some ant metropolises even have sanitation squads.

Ant colonies are complex structures composed of hundreds to thousands of simple pieces. Each colony has some level of genetic integrity, and the colonies follow a set of rules. They also develop a familial structure. In a colony, a queen ant is responsible for reproduction. The queen lays eggs and raises the first brood of workers. These workers then mate with male siblings to form colonies.

After the queen dies, the workers take over her role. These workers produce eggs, and the queen stores the sperm in a pouch in her abdomen. Eventually, the eggs are fertilized and become reproductively capable virgin queens.

The most impressive battles in nature take place during AA-prey wars. In these wars, AA ants attack other ant species in their colonies. These attacks often result in massive casualties.