How Do Ants Prevent Grass From Growing?

Whether you’re trying to save your lawn or simply keep the ants out, there are several ways you can keep them away. Some of the most effective ways to control ants involve using organic methods. However, before you purchase a product, you should check to make sure it’s safe for your lawn and pets.

One way to control ants is by using baking soda. The chemical will kill the ants and make it harder for them to nest. Another option is to use a food-grade diatomaceous earth. This mineral-based material acts as a sharp blade that kills ants.

You can also mix some white vinegar with water to spray on ants. The vinegar’s natural acidity will kill ants and other beneficial bugs. However, you may want to use a stronger solution, such as apple cider vinegar.

Another effective way to control ants is to set a flower pot with a piece of fruit away from your lawn. Ants like to feed on fruits and veggies, and if you place the flower pot out of the way of your lawn, you can get rid of the ants in a natural way.

You can also keep ants away by using plants that have a fragrant smell. Some plants with a pleasantly sweet smell include lavender, wormwood, and geraniums. You can also plant these plants at the edge of your lawn.

Another way to control ants is to use a borax and sugar water spray. This solution works well, but you should only use it on your lawn and not indoors.