How Do Ants Make Ant Pillows?

Despite their scurrying activity, ants are well organized and create an orderly home in which they live. The structure they create is often built in a way that allows it to protect them from predators. Ants are also known to create highly buoyant rafts that provide the ability for them to survive in the water.

Ants make ant piles in strategic locations to protect themselves from predators. They also use tunnels to search for food and travel. They also use their tunnels to carry unwanted soil material from inside their nests outside of the nest.

Ants also build structures called anthills. These are large piles of dirt, usually clay or sand. They are built by worker ants. Some of the dirt that is removed from the nest is reused for the nest’s entrance. Anthills are often found near trees and fences.

Anthills vary in size from an inch to ten feet. They are often made from sand, dirt, clay, pine needles, and other types of decomposed organic material. They also contain rocks. Some species mix sticks with soil to create a strong mound.

When ants are cleaning their tunnels, they may also create mounds. They will use the dirt that they remove to expand their nests. This helps to maintain the moisture content of the soil and regulate the temperature inside the nest.

If you see ant mounds in your yard, you may want to consider removing them. They can be dangerous for children and pets, and can be hidden in plain sight.