Do Ants Damage Block Paving?

Having ants in your block paving can be annoying. These little insects can create elaborate networks of tunnels under your driveway or patio. They can also cause your concrete to sag.

Pavement ants are active foragers, but do not cause any serious damage to your home. They can be found in most areas of the United States, but are not native to the US.

These ants are most often seen at night. They are also attracted to barbecue smells. Pavement ants may be found under brick patios, in driveways, under concrete slabs, and around foundations.

Generally, pavement ants are only outside of your home for the short term. They come inside to find food and warmth. However, if you live in an area that has a consistent temperature, these ants may start nesting in your home.

Unlike termites, pavement ants do not damage wood. However, if you are having a problem with these pests, you can use insecticides to control the problem. Non-repellent insecticides are best.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of ants is to vacuum them up. You may also try boiling water. The pesticides you use should be handled with care.

You may also try applying ant baits around your home. These baits are safe for ants, but only work if they are placed in the right spots. Some of the best places to place these baits are on windowsills, inside cabinets, and along ant trails outside.