Do Ants Carry Their Eggs?

Whether you’re a seasoned ant lover or a newcomer to these fascinating creatures, you may wonder: do ants carry their eggs? Many people have noticed ants carrying something white, but these aren’t the eggs of the ants. The white things are actually part of the pupa phase of their metamorphosis.

During this phase, the ants will start to take on roles within the colony. They will tend to the queen, lay eggs, and perform other inside duties. These new ants will eventually start their own colony.

The eggs of ants are very small. They resemble balls. They have a sticky surface that makes it easier for the workers to carry them. The sticky substance also serves as a glue when several eggs are put together.

Once the ants have finished their metamorphosis, they turn into adult ants. They will carry any food they find to their nest. They may go after meat, fruits, vegetables, and even white foods like bread. They may also steal other insects’ eggs or honeycombs. They are known to sting pets and people.

Ants are also known to carry larvae. Larvae are grub-like young. They are also longer than eggs. They lack legs, but they are covered with hairs. They must be fed frequently to obtain protein.

Ants also carry a variety of building materials. Some ants build tunnels. They have also been found to create bridges and rafts. They are also known to lay chemical trails to find food.