Cinnamon Kills Ants

Using cinnamon as a repellent may be an effective way to get rid of ants. This is because cinnamon has a strong odor that ants do not like. It also works to disrupt their pheromone trails. It will also force ants to go to other areas of the house.

Ants usually enter the home through an entry point. This can be a door, a window, or a baseboard. You can seal these entry points to prevent ants from getting in. If ants do get inside, you can use cinnamon oil to create a barrier.

Once you find an entry point, use a Q-Tip dipped in 100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil to draw a barrier around the area. If ants manage to get past the barrier, you can reapply the cinnamon stick to force them to go in another direction.

Cinnamon oil is also a good way to mark the inside perimeter of your house. This works best on exterior structures, but you can also use it on windows and doors to keep ants out.

Another method is to use a spray formula. You can either make your own spray using oil or powder, or you can use a commercial product. You may need to use a dilution ratio of 5-10% if you are using it for exterior applications.

If you need to eliminate ants quickly, you may want to consider using a commercially available spray. The sprays are typically more effective, because they have a higher evaporation rate.