Can Ants Be Friendly?

Thousands of species of ants can be found all over the world. They are one of the most intelligent insects. They are often used in pest control, as they are effective in hunting agricultural pests. They are also beneficial to gardens.

Ants communicate with each other by using chemical substances called pheromones. They also use their sense of taste and smell to detect food. They can sense the presence of sugar from up to 10.8 feet away. They can also detect ultraviolet light.

While most ants are social insects, there are some that are solitary. These ants do not perform nuptial flight. They are mainly attracted to sweets. They patrol over food, alerting their colony members when food is found.

Ant colonies can be very large. Thousands of ants can live in a colony. These ants may be a threat to people or pets. They can also cause structural damage to homes and buildings. They have a tendency to be aggressive, and ants can go to war if the colony feels threatened.

If you find ants on your property, you need to be aware of their habits. Some ants will build nests in lawns, in cracks in pavement, and even inside your home. They may also fight to take over another ant’s food source.

Some species of ants have large hind ends. They are easily identified because of their bent antennae. They also have a high concentration of sensory receptors on their antennae.