Boric Acid For Ants

Using boric acid to kill ants is a simple and inexpensive solution. It’s a safe insecticide to use around your home and kitchen. You can buy it at most pharmacies.

It’s safe for children and pets, and can be used in small amounts. It’s a slow-acting poison, but will work against most ant species. It takes weeks or months to completely kill a colony.

Boric acid is a good ant killer, but you have to use it with care. You don’t want to get sick from the poison. It should be stored in a secure area. You also have to keep children away from the container.

You can also use boric acid in the form of bait. Ants will eat the mixture and distribute it to other ants. This method is particularly effective against sugar ants.

The best way to make a boric acid bait is to mix it with food that ants like. Some common choices are peanut butter, honey, and regular butter. You can also use powdered sugar.

Make sure to use gloves when applying the boric acid. It can cause burns if it gets on your skin too long. You can also use cotton balls to soak up the solution. If you’re using a boric acid ant killer, be sure to store the containers in a secure area.

You can also spray boric acid around your home’s perimeter. The ants will eat the mixture and collect it on their legs.