Are Termites and Flying Ants the Same Insect?

Termites and flying ants are two insects that are often mistaken for each other. However, there are several differences between the two. These insects have different jobs, and can be harmful to your home.

Termites are black or brown in color. They are usually 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch long. They are commonly found in basements and porches. They love wood and are known to chew through walls and other structural elements. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

A termite colony can grow to be huge. Termites typically damage structures closest to the ground. They also prefer to hide in warm, moist environments. They burrow into wood to extract nourishment. When they chew through wood, they leave a vibration sound behind.

Termites have two pairs of wings, one set on each side of their bodies. The front wings are larger than the back wings. The front wings are usually brown or black in color, while the back wings are typically white or milky. The front wings may have veins and the back wings are usually clear.

Flying ants have a thinner waist than termites, with a bent antenna. They are omnivores, and love nectar and debris. They are found in colonies throughout homes and buildings. They are often drawn to lights. They can be black, brown or reddish.

Winged insects are kings of their colony. They are looking for a mate. They can disperse to form new colonies. They can be found in North America, and they are most active during the spring and summer months.