Are Red Ants Good For the Garden?

Having ants in your garden can be a problem. Ants are scavengers and disturb the herbivores in your garden. They also speed up the decomposition of organic matter. They increase the amount of nutrients in your soil. In addition, ants help protect your plants from pests and herbivores.

There are many types of ants, but the common red ants are important to the health of your garden. These creatures burrow through the soil to create tunnels that carry oxygen, water and other nutrients to your plants. They also provide protection for aphids and other pests.

Ants also disperse seeds and flowering plants across the country. They are good for the soil as they help improve the acidity and pH levels of the soil. They also help aerate the soil.

Ants have been around since dinosaurs. They are one of the most successful insects. They are attracted to nectar-rich flowers and other fruits. They also help pollinate plants. Their population is so large that they outnumber all of the other animals on earth.

Some ants, like carpenter ants, are very hardy. They can survive in the ruins of trees or stumps. These ants also build their homes in wood.

There are many ways to get rid of ants. One of the easiest methods is to use soap and water. You will want to make sure the solution is warm. You should also be sure to not boil the solution.

Ants can also be killed with non-toxic pellets. These pellets are also used to kill other pests.