Are Ants Good Or Bad For the Garden?

Besides being an excellent source of nutrition, ants are also useful in the garden. They aid in the decomposition of organic material and help in aerating the soil. These tiny insects are also important in the process of pollination.

Some ants even play a role in pest control. They protect pest insects from predators. They help keep insects from eating plant leaves. They also play a role in water drainage. They deliver oxygen to plant roots and aerate the soil. They are also a source of food for birds and lizards.

However, ants are not all good. They can also cause damage to your plants. For example, fire ants can attack humans and cause painful blisters. They can also cause allergic reactions.

Some ants are harmless and can be found in your garden. However, there are also carpenter ants, which can cause significant damage. These little pests build homes in wood and are good at adapting to their environment.

Another major concern with ants in the garden is their ability to carry aphids into your garden. These insects are green and are very hard to spot. They can cause considerable damage to plants in a short time.

Besides carrying aphids into your garden, ants also have a sweet tooth. They will carry artificial sweeteners into their anthill.

To keep these little critters out of your garden, you can use a borax and sugar bait. This is a natural pesticide, but it may not be effective for everyone. You can also use organic horticultural oil sprays. You may also want to try tree wraps or barrier glues to block ants from climbing on tree trunks.