Are Ants Bad For Young Trees?

Whether ants are good for young trees or not depends on the specific species. Some ants are beneficial, while others can cause serious damage.

In most cases, ants do not damage trees, but they can make your tree more vulnerable to other pests. If you see ants in your tree, you should remove them as soon as possible. If you are unsure, you should consult a tree care professional. You can use ant baits to capture ants or sprinkle a mix of icing sugar and baking soda around the base of your tree. You can also use a solution of peppermint oil to spray your tree.

Ants like rotten wood and can live in hollow stems or trunks of certain plants. They are drawn to the honeydew produced by other insects and may be attracted to empty cavities in the tree.

Ants are also attracted to extremely ripe fruit. They swarm over the fruit and are often destructive to the tree’s fruit. Some ants will even harvest plant debris for their nests.

Red fire ants are a particularly destructive species. They gnaw bark all the way around the trunk. They also sting anything that disturbs their home. They can cause terrible blisters on people and living things.

Carpenter ants are another tree killer. They can infect virtually anything made of lumber, including window frames, door sills, and deck boards. They can also infest your house.

In the United States, ants are the most common insect pest, and if you find ants in your tree, you should clear them out immediately.