Ant-Man in Rogers: The Musical

During Marvel’s panel for Avengers: Endgame at D23 Expo, Marvel confirmed Ant-Man will appear in the next film. While Ant-Man wasn’t present at the Battle of New York, he did appear in the finale. His presence adds levity to Rogers: The Musical. His knowledge of the Avengers is evident.

The musical is a fictional story, and is set in New York City in 2024. It tells the story of Steve Rogers’ first meeting with the Avengers. The musical features elaborate dance choreography and catchy present tunes. It is written by Marc Shaiman, and the cast features actors and singers. Rogers: The Musical premiered on Netflix November 24. The musical has mixed reviews. Some critics say it is a soaring musical triumph, while others say it doesn’t work. It was originally scheduled to premiere in 2019, but had to be delayed due to the loss of half its cast.

Rogers: The Musical features Ant-Man, as well as Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Captain America. It was originally set to be a 1980s musical, but was later scrapped. However, Marvel has long been interested in staging a Broadway musical, and Rogers: The Musical is their first step towards this goal.

Rogers: The Musical was written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. They are an award-winning songwriting duo that has also worked on several other projects, including Mary Poppins Returns and Smash. They also wrote Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. They hope to continue this work by creating a full-length musical based on Rogers: The Musical.