What Can You Use to Attract Wasps?

During the summer, wasps can be a nuisance. They can take over your outdoor space and ruin the perfect summer day. They can also harm your pets and people.

There are several methods to keep wasps away from your home. One is to use wasp traps. These are traps designed to kill wasps before they establish a nest. You can make one on your own or use a commercial one.

Another method is to hang a wasp trap from a tree or fence post. You will also want to make sure it is in a location that is visible.

For the best results, you should choose a trap that hangs four feet off the ground. Wasps will hang out near areas with food and water. If you are worried about the dangers of wasp stings, then you should consider hiring a pest control company to rid your yard of wasps.

Using the correct bait can also help to keep wasps away from your yard. The best bait for the early season is meat scraps. In the spring and summer, wasps are primarily looking for protein and sugar.

If you are planning to hang a wasp trap, you should make sure it is well hung. A sturdy twine handle is a good option. If you decide to hang the trap from a tree or fence post, make sure it has a long enough handle.

You can also use soap to keep wasps away. Dish soap works well because it breaks down the surface tension of the water.