Will Spiders Eat Spider Mites?

Spider mites are arachnids that can be found in outdoor and indoor gardens. Depending on the species, spider mites can cause a variety of damage to plants, including yellowing of leaves and premature leaf drop. In addition, spider mites can leave small pimply marks on the skin.

Spider mites are known for their ability to jump from one plant to the next. They are also capable of forming webs and piercing plant cells. This results in the loss of plant leaves and the development of bronze stippling. Fortunately, there are ways to control spider mites.

First, a pesticide should be used in the event of a serious infestation. There are a number of commercial chemical pesticides that can kill spider mites. However, these chemicals are toxic to pets and humans. If you use a chemical pesticide, use it with caution on fruits and vegetables.

Alternatively, you can employ a natural solution. For example, there are predatory mites that feed on spider mites. Although these mites are not created equal, they can provide a strong level of natural control.

You can find predatory mites online or in your local Cooperative Extension Service. It is important to read the instructions on the packaging before using these mites. Also, you should send a sample of the pest mites you are interested in to your local COE for confirmation of identification.

If you have a very large infestation of spider mites, you should consider using a pyrethroid pesticide. These pesticides contain additional chemicals that may be harmful to your plants and pets.