Why Do Spiders Turn Into a Ball?

When a spider is in a bad situation, it will sometimes play dead. It does this to keep itself safe from predators. The behavior is usually instinctive, but it can also be a strategy.

Generally, spiders use silk to build webs. They may also use it for egg sacs and snares. Scientists have discovered that spider silk is stronger than steel and is much more flexible than rubber. They have used silk to make medical bandages, optical fiber cables, and bulletproof armor.

Some species of spiders, like the Black Widow, prefer to play dead before taking on enemies. They curl up into a ball as soon as they realize that there is an enemy nearby.

The male Nursery Web Spider uses this behavior regularly. He fakes an attack and tries to lure the female to his web. In this way, he can avoid predators and get the chance to mate.

Some spiders will play dead as a strategy to attract a female. Other species will eat their prey. This can be dangerous to humans. Some animals have poor eyesight and don’t see when a predator approaches. These spiders can still eat their prey’s legs.

Several species of spiders are capable of ballooning. The long silk line is extended by the wind and carried off. Some of these spiders can be up to 3 inches in length. They can be found in all kinds of habitats. The females will carry their egg sac around. The eggs hatch after two or three weeks.