Why Do Crab Spiders Change Color?

Crab spiders are a species of spiders that are found in many different habitats. They are known for their camouflage and the fact that they can change color to match their surroundings.

Crab spiders can change their colors to avoid predators and to better hunt prey. But scientists have not completely figured out why.

Several studies have been conducted to learn more about crab spiders. For example, researchers have examined the color coordination of spiders and daisy petals. It turned out that yellow spiders created a color contrast similar to that of white daisies. The contrast was low, however.

Scientists also explored the impact of color on flight. Spiders that are colored in red or yellow are able to blend into their surroundings. During their flight, these spiders are more likely to catch unwelcome predators. However, when they do catch an insect, their color coordination did not affect the volume of insect meat that they can catch.

Researchers have also studied the relationship between crab spiders and pollinators. While the color of flowers can have an effect on the flying behavior of a spider, it is not clear why. As the researchers explained, the flower itself may play a role, but the pollen itself might also have a bearing.

A study conducted by the University of Tours and CNRS revealed that the spider’s color change is the result of pigment organelles that naturally accumulate metals. These organelles are similar to those found in snakes and humans.