Where Do Spiders Eat?

A spider is a member of the arachnid class. They are known for their webs. Spiders are considered opportunistic feeders, as they will seek out food when they come in contact with prey.

Some spiders are kept as pets. House spiders, for example, eat a variety of insects and bugs.

They construct sticky webs that catch insects. Many spiders rely on ants as their primary source of food. Crickets are another good food source. Pet stores often carry commercial cricket foods.

Other species eat dead animals and frogs. Some spiders also use silk to capture their prey. In addition to eating their own kind, spiders will eat other spiders.

Although spiders are generally harmless, they do sometimes bite humans. If they do, you might experience a red mark on your skin or localized swelling. You may also need to visit a hospital for treatment.

Spiders also consume mites, wasps and other small animals. The largest spiders eat a variety of small birds, reptiles and lizards.

Some of the more unusual kinds of spiders also eat pollen, honeydew and other seeds. Some spiders even use silk to construct their own webs.

While spiders aren’t very large, they can live for several years. It’s not uncommon to see an outdoor house spider reproduce during the spring or summer. Mature male house spiders are mobile and often scurry into your home.

One of the best ways to avoid an infestation of spiders is to remove all of their sources of food. This can be as simple as sweeping regularly, taking out the trash and cleaning the crevices between appliances.