Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live?

Brown recluse spiders are a type of spider commonly found in the United States. They are usually nocturnal creatures and prefer dark, secluded locations to hunt. These spiders have remarkable survival skills, allowing them to live for up to two years without food.

If you suspect you have a brown recluse in your home, first clean your house thoroughly. Then use an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

In addition, try to find places where the spider might hide, such as crevices behind furniture and clothes. You can also seal cracks in the walls with expandable foam. A bright flashlight can help you determine where a spider might be living.

Once you have determined where the spider might be hiding, spray insecticidal dust or sprays into that area. Sticky traps can be used to catch these spiders. They can be purchased from pest control companies or lawn and garden centers. However, they should be placed in areas where children or pets cannot access them.

A brown recluse spider can become tangled in clothing, bedding, and work gloves. When it bites, it can leave scars or a general feeling of discomfort. Symptoms include redness, fever, and nausea. Itching and sweating can also occur.

Most of the time, the only sign of a brown recluse bite is inflammation. However, a small percentage of bites result in tissue damage, which can lead to a systemic reaction. Other symptoms include coma, blood clotting disorder, and kidney failure.

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