Where Can You Get Funnel Web Spiders in the UK?

Funnel web spiders are venomous spiders that are found in many parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand. They are part of the Agelenidae family. Depending on the species, their venom can be highly toxic. The venom is generally harmless to cane toads and other animals. However, it can cause a variety of symptoms if the spider bites you.

Funnel web spiders live in burrows in cool, moist places, such as rockeries or rotting logs. Their prey consists of insects and small vertebrates.

Funnel web spiders are obligate burrowers and rarely come out of their burrows. They make burrows that are lined with silk. During the night, male funnel-webs wander the landscape looking for females in burrows.

Female funnel web spiders lay over 100 eggs. These eggs are protected in a pillow-shaped sac that spins when the female is disturbed.

The venom of funnel-web spiders is toxic and can cause death within 15 minutes. There have been 13 reported deaths to Funnel-Web Spiders.

Funnel-web spiders live in the highlands and coastal regions of Australia. Most of these spiders are smaller than adult tarantulas and have smaller legs. Often, they will burrow beneath a log or tree stump.

Sydney funnel-web spiders are found from Newcastle to Nowra. Male funnel-webs are larger than females. If you get bitten by one of these spiders, you should seek medical help immediately. You can also take the funnel-web to a safe, official drop-off site.

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