Where Can I Find Spiders?

Spiders are beneficial insects that help to keep pests away. They live outside, in burrows, under woodpiles and in homes. However, some species can be quite creepy. If you notice a spider in your house, you can try to remove it, as it might be a pest.

There are many different types of spiders that can be found throughout New York. Typically, spiders live in dark, shady places. Some species are more active at night. Others prefer a dry, warm environment. The best place to look for unusual species is in the forest.

Brown recluse spiders are arachnids with three pairs of eyes, arranged in a semicircle. They have gray hairs on their legs and a violin-shaped pattern on their abdomen. Although they are harmless, their bite can cause minor symptoms.

Garden ghost spiders are pale brown arachnids that hide in crevices. Their spiny legs allow them to hunt for prey. These spiders also have venom, which is used to subdue prey.

Another type of spider is the gray cross spider. This type of spider is often confused with the furrow spider. Gray cross spiders are more common in brightly lit areas.

Another arachnid with a large belly is the marbled orb-weaver. Like other orb-weavers, they build webs to catch their prey. Often, they anchor their webs to branches in gardens and eaves around homes.

Other species of spiders include orchard orb-weavers, garden ghost spiders, and spotted orb-weavers. These are found in forests, orchards, and prairies. Usually, they build big orb-shaped webs.