When Do Spiders Lay Eggs?

One question on many people’s minds is when do spiders lay eggs. The answer depends on the species, and can vary based on the environment. In general, the best time to expect spiders to lay their eggs is in the spring. They’ll look for warm, sheltered places to bury their egg sacs.

For example, a wolf spider might carry an egg sac around on its spinnerets. During winter, some spiders are known to make silken tents for their eggs.

Some of these tents can hold dozens or even hundreds of eggs. Some species of spiders even eat their own babies.

A spider’s egg sac is usually a disk-shaped package, wrapped in a silky covering. This extra silk serves two purposes: it helps protect the eggs against predators, and it gives them the illusion of being a “real” sac.

Another common spider sight is an egg-shaped lump of silk, usually found in the corner of a room. It may be protected by a spider’s scaly web, or it may be abandoned.

Spiders can be a nuisance all year round. Although most of the species primarily lay their eggs during the warmer months, they’re known to hide from predators in secluded spots.

If you want to get rid of spiders, you should consider hiring a pest control service that specializes in seasonal spider control. They’ll be able to identify the types of spiders you have, and give you a free estimate on the best approach to remove them.