What Spiders Live in Florida

Florida is home to many kinds of spiders. There are over 60 different species, and a few are highly venomous. The best way to identify a spider is to look at its body shape and markings.

Generally, most spiders are dull brown, but some have greenish or reddish coloring. Most also have a dark black streak down the middle of their body. In addition, they have eight legs. Some of these legs are furry. However, some of the more dangerous species have large legs.

One of the largest species is the banana spider. These spiders are typically red, yellow, or black, and they are often found in Florida. They are considered to be the most venomous of all the spiders.

Another venomous species is the Black Widow. The bite of a Southern Black Widow spider can cause nausea, muscle aches, and difficulty breathing. It is one of the most venomous spiders in North America.

The most dangerous spider in South Florida is the brown recluse. This spider has a violin-shaped mark on its abdomen. While not as venomous as the black widow, it is still a threat to humans.

Spiny-backed orb weavers, commonly called crab spiders, live in wet areas like citrus groves. Their webs typically contain tufts of silk.

American Nursery Web Spiders, commonly called ambush predators, can jump up to six inches. They live in dark, hidden spaces. Like other spiders, they will attack with chelicerae.

The common house spider is usually harmless, though they can be a pest when they find their way into your house. You can get rid of them by trapping them in a cup.