What Spiders and Insects Do You Get in Costa Rica?

While the majority of the spiders and insects in Costa Rica are not harmful to humans, some species can be very dangerous. Below are seven of the most dangerous species of spiders and insects in Costa Rica.

The black widow is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. It is native to Costa Rica and has a distinctive red hourglass marking on its abdomen. They are often found in areas where people have homes.

The Brazilian wandering spider also known as the banana spider is another large and potentially harmful insect in Costa Rica. It is commonly found in the forest and is a threat to humans.

There are also a number of wasps, ants, and other insects that are not harmful. These insects are important pollinators. Some of the more interesting ones include leafcutter ants.

Biting ants are often overlooked as an interesting insect. Their venom is not fatal, but can cause pain and itch. If you do get bitten, sooth the bite by soaking it in water.

Another large spider in Costa Rica is the golden silk orb-weaver. These are found in warm parts of the world. They are very strong and can reach about two meters in length.

The brown recluse is a nocturnal spider that is common in wooded areas and in dark, dingy places. This spider likes to live underneath sheds, log piles, or under buildings.

While these are not the most dangerous spiders in Costa Rica, there are others that are venomous. To be on the safe side, wear full-length trousers and close-toed boots when venturing into the forests.